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We had a ton of fun with another couple and their 1! Finished with a load in each hole 😍
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Quality time with J and my bf
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My slutwife Kelly on top of her 22 year old niece
was asked for another pic in a catch slutty unconscionable lingerie  ergo here!
Wifes ass on vacation! Fixed Link
My BF24 says I21 should start sharing what do you think
My husbands a little cuck who cant please me right I wanna know what you would do to me
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Its date nightso as always there will be no panties today amp tonight!!!
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Mommy never let me sit like this Im too comfy can you tell
wife 40 going out with her friends would you
Heres some sunday funday 44DDD fun for yall
She fell asleep on the couch 😈 F
F19 Married Im sorry I was a bad girl tonight Daddyhe talked so well and forced me onto his bedI swear
Wife doesnt think anyone will like her tits prove her wrong
Wife Parade Shes Increasingly Submitting To Posing For U Alphas
Got her on a date in a schoolgirl inspired outfit What do you think
New toy to play with
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Hubby is out of town until after the new year I had Santa come down my chimney early this year!
That time she tried something bigger
Enjoying each others company
Can you help encourage this shy woman to share more
My gf says it would be too much too short to wear these when my friends arrive What do you think
Slutwife Kelly on her knees where she belongs
Our lunch meeting would you
PRESENTING!!!  kik  lostearbuds
Anyone else have a weakness for fishnets 😍
Interesting fact She thinks her ass is tiny her boobs  sag   according to her and has only gotten her ass eaten 2 times in her life So far Im trying to make her feel wanted so who else is thinking what Im thinking Side question whats your favor
Been a while but heres wifey ready for a  girls night out  that resulted in her staying at a  hotel  room overnight Still dont know the fine details but with No under garments Im sure someone did something lol Hows the view
Would you like a turn while shes tied down
GF went out like this last night
Pull them down or slide them over
Insanely Appreciative Of All The Bullies Here Wife Is Learning To Submit
Wifes smooth reveal
My GF gives the best head She’s down there for fifteen to twenty minutes just sucking amp licking When she feels me about to jizz she does that awesome move where she slams my entire cock deep in her throat amp my cum explodes down her esophagus
Fun with my favorite toy after a creamy hookup
Repost but I love this picture
Fulfilling Another Mans Hotwifes Fantasy Hands Restrained and Fucked Hard
Skip the Netflix and just Chill
nuthin makes her happier then guys using her pix 2 tribute and enjoythis is after givng 2 nerds a bj like   Imgur
We sometimes roleplay she is fooling around behind her husbands back and we will flirt all day She told me she was home alone and sent me this pic It was hot
Another offer First person to show us a picture of themselves jerking off to her with her picture visible will be heavily rewarded
Her sunburn is healing Aloe rubs were a necessity
Hubbys Busy Tonight thought Id post on every side his meeting and check out circa the sexy ladies on here If that was your cock what would you want me to do with it
She wants more than I can give her so maybe we can trade the toy for you! wet sounds
Yes I wore it out Several times
Both feel great !
Would you put it in just below the heart on her ass
Love sharing my slut wife Taking her to an adult theater for our anniversary next Saturday night  in Bethlehem PA
Would you fuck her on hump day She will be my wife on Saturday
23F Home is where the bra isnt
Feeling like being filthy tonight
Christmas in July Hump Day Messages welcome
Own My Wife Were Doing Another Shoot Next Week And She Wants Inspiration
Kelly is MY wifebut shes her boss slut
Really hope you don’t mind if I call you daddy
Who wants to feel Tonis mouth on their cock next
Imagine coming home and finding this in your bed!
My wife was disappointed that her Bruins didnt win the cup Now she is fulfilling her bet with our friend Best bet he ever made F32
Let’s here from real couples that are both home together right now🥳
favorite pic of the gf
🍑👅 f36 Always tough getting out of bed on Mondays
Had my breakfast Ill just leave her on the table for dinner
Baby it’s cold outside
Washing off the dirty sex
We miss Desire Pearl 42f
How much would you enjoy burying your dick into my gf
Take it revel in your pants become high on a alight it rock hard because my spliced is attainable to back that go to the powderroom up
Appeal close by c visit cancel close by be bitten
Purple is my Passion!
Sometimes a neighbor or friend will ask my husband if I shave He sends them this
Her tits and smile get me every single time
Looking for a friend in Monterey!
My wife doesn’t think she’s sexy Let her know how she makes you feel
Ready Aim Fire
Anyone want to join me in the shower
She shared herself with four guys a month ago! PMs welcome
Slow bating my cock to my perfect wife Anyone care to join
She sent me a pic while I am working of her topless holding a broom and said “I am cleaning the house What could possibly be sexier” She’s great!
F46  What do you think guys
He has a handful of my hair No this isnt my husbands cock I think I look goofy but what do you think
F38 Imagine having this view
Bought my wife a new style of thong Whats the verdict 🧐 Clark


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